There are trendy shoe crazies and there are those who are crazy about handbags. In these niches, there is no harm in dreaming. The price may cool but there is, perhaps, an opportunity to afford or be offered a beautiful handbag. And then, when we think about it, is not it better to invest once and for all in a purse that has been proven rather than crack each season on a model? To complete the list of your desires (you never know you could win the lottery), we went around the biggest brands and we selected the most iconic bags. They are beautiful. They make us drool. The luxury bags, we see them in the most beautiful windows, the arm of the people (see The bags of Blake Lively), in all advertisements. And we are drooling. If you are looking for a shop to find a luxury bag, you will be served. Many luxury homes make reference in this area. Starting with Dior and Chanel. Prada, Chloé, Céline or Gucci, many houses that march on Fashion Week offer luxury leather goods. The dream.

You can not do without a handbag, a must-have fashion accessory, to take your life with you every day. So we use the new fashion trends and the new season to refuel. Wallet, bucket, backpack or sling, what are the autumn winter bags 2018-2019? For the back, for the winter or for fun you need a new handbag. And with this ray you will lose no choice.Because the good news is that those who say “come back” also say “news”. Round bag or shoulder bag, backpack or bucket bag, for you to decode all fall-winter trends 2018-2019 bags, and we offer you a selection of purchases to find your luck with just a few clicks!

This year, the autumn winter bags are shaping our clothes and setting the tone for the season’s fashion trends. If the small bags have the coast, the other models do not stay behind. We find the big shopping bags, the backpacks and the famous trendy banana, like the bags, to have the season. The small purse is available in all shapes, materials and colors. In short, we love and we fall in love! In addition, this small bag is ideal for wearing on the shoulder or under the arm to follow the trend we have seen frequently in red carpets and street styles. Another fashionable bag, the round bag. Small but original, it easily dresses our appearance. We love it already!

You used to carry your bag by hand or over the shoulder? Forget everything. You can hold it on a leash, put it around your neck or on a tray. When it comes to handbags, it’s a bit like Game of Thrones: several schools compete and mini-wars rage inside the Allied camps. This season, we have on one side the classic bags and on the other the neo-bags. In the camp of classics, we find the traditional ports: bleeding elbow, shoulder, arm, shoulder or on the back. In the neo camp, you wear your bag deliriously: bag to tie around the waist, to wear in the back, in survival kit, to shoot like a trolley, to wear around the neck, to hold in leave, to wear under the arm or on a tray. Which port of purse is right for you? The eyes are perhaps the mirror of the soul but your handbag also says a lot about you. Moreover, the way you wear it depends on your lifestyle, your work and your personality. You are a rambler, always running between two planes?

Even if geometry is not your thing, the round bag will of course be unanimous. In any case, it is winter fashion. The proof. Whatever the shape, the bag has some topics that do not make us insensitive. Something in you is wrong, but if my poor, my bag has evidence. Focus on the curves of the skin we love. The round bag, the trend of winter fashion. We did not expect that. In general, we are always a little doubtful in fashion. This is the story, for example, men’s socks or a banana bag. This time the trend is without hesitation. Make room for the round bag in the Bags category. He is doing well this season. It is everywhere in leather, canvas or artificial fur. Chloe is the source of this sudden mania. With the introduction of the Pixie model in 2017, the luxury house has given the world of fashion circular desires. Result? One year after the stack is the round bag on all shelves. Rather to our pleasure, because everything is round, but also because the round bag is as easy as wearing socks.

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